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'Until Shiloh Comes' Cosmic Flow Tapestry

Publication Date: 12 September 2018 (Historical archive at

Penelope’s completed tapestry is an of-the-essence message, a timely arrival of the Odyssey and the overlooked, timeless and immense power of the vast and mightily moving River of golden Song that reveals an epiphany across millennia to this very moment about true identities. It does this in more profound ways than anyone could have imagined besides the creators of the art: those gorgeous “perpetrators” of culture and the divine themselves, all at once loved and morbidly shut off. As one will see in this artistic and feminine message, the movements and alterations, like those of Hermes in the Homeric "Hymn to Hermes," the skeleton key left by Homer, the flipping and breaking open of worlds and the intense acts of creation are necessary at the toppling, beginnings, and nurturing of new worlds—and the identities astounding.

Penelope creates the tapestry for the lineage of those who loved the female line of Hermes, and for the return of his direct descendants; She makes the tapestry for Odysseus’s father, Laërtes, the former king upon the return of the king who restores the line; This tapestry is for Laërtes:  Bob Weir and the Grateful Dead, Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann, Phil Lesh and Jerry Garcia and all the members living and passed, and for the tribe of like-Beings who urged me to remember and to write; It is the weir where the Flow breeches its ancient barrier and the Song is broken open.

The tapestry is the eternal weave shown in the books Coyote Weaves a Song: A Mythological Song from the Beginning of Time, Volumes I and II and My Love Affair with Moonbeam:  Ten + Years of Wonder, Bursting Love and Creativity.

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