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With Autumn Variations and New G-Shock Collaboration, Ed Sheeran Quietly Takes a Stand for His Friend John Mayer, While John Helps Ed Trademark His Name

Ed quietly righting a wrong for John (while John helps Ed trademark his name only slightly borrowing from FedEx). John Mayer's Continuum, released in the Autumn on September 12, 2006 had been a huge seller at Starbucks. According to Jezebel, "At the company’s 2006 Biennial Analyst Conference, it was announced that over eight percent of sales of John Mayer’s then-new Continuum album had been purchased at Starbucks." @Jezebel

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New Article on La Madeleine Concordance: "Come Try It On": My Relationship with John Mayer--Paradise Valley

In 2008 Taylor fed a story to People Magazine entitled "Taylor's Stalker Moment with John Mayer." This year, 2023, she got People to delete it (it's permanently archived on and publish instead an altered "relationship timeline" with untrue bias: There was no intimate dinner in Nashville with only a few friends--there were over 15 people in a group and John was there to play with Keith Urban. Taylor Swift would have never had any personal information about John Mayer without the internet, his music, and his social media. He was kind to the obsessive teenager, but on guard. He was aware she was already copying and marketing herself as others--what she learned from her father and bought marketing as...

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In 2010 Death Was Decreed for the Huntsman . . . Happy Birthday John Mayer, I'm Sorry it Took So Long

This is a fairy tale come true starting in 2006 with John Mayer’s earth-shattering album Continuum. John was the most beautiful in all the land. His brilliance was known in every kingdom, far and wide. His beauty was astounding. His humor, boyishness, and talent attracted many adoring females (and males and more). But as the years went on, one hateful female was determined to be more vicious than the others, and she determined to take that beauty away, to take for herself what was rightfully his. And so she began to mimick his words . . .

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New Literary Journal '57 Story for Autumn 2023 🍁 John Mayer's October 16th Birthday, and his fall 🍂 SOLO Tour

If you got to see the gorgeous "rocket ride" of the beginning of John Mayer's musical lift-off, how sweet and real it was, how deeply necessary, old school and bursting new at the same time, all the more wonderful and thrilling all the way through, innocently falling in love with him with the pure excitement of the cusp of what it was bringing us to, the very realness, then you also know the devastation when ugliness entered the picture. It was confusing. How had the innocent, the humorous, the sweet turned so sour in what the press was saying and the public repeating as fact? And yet it never felt as true as the realness had, the promise, the bright shining beauty...

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The Miracle of What Just Happened with Dead and Company

When the guys walked off stage from Oracle Park Sunday night on the 16th of July in San Francisco, I knew from years of in-depth writing about Victor Turner’s “Ritual Process” what they had accomplished. But even I’m dumbfounded. Deadheads knew it, too, in their souls. We just experienced it. It’s a stupendous moment.

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