Furthering the Expose on Taylor Swift (Writing Live and Updating Beginning 21 July 2022)

The covers of Coyote Weaves a Song: A Mythological Song from the Beginning of Time (2018) and the covers and titles Taylor Swift replicated for Folklore and Evermore (2020)

My books Coyote Weaves a Song: A Mythological Song from the Beginning of Time (2018) and Taylor Swift replicating the covers and titles for Folklore and Evermore in 2020

This video is an overview of what happened in 2010 with my writing to John Mayer and him responding to me that Taylor Swift took as her writing the letter to John in "Dear John" using my and his words in order to claim to have a relationship and force it to be public. I give the evidence of how John stated publicly he was not dating in December 2009, and how he was not in a relationship in all of 2010. I begin to show how Taylor Swift's plagiarism is actually a pattern that has continued, and deliberately, as harassment.

The other lyrics of "Dear John" that are plagiarized are from John's song "Another Side of Green" and his lyrics "I don't hit on 19," that was also referenced on his website, archived here: Archive of “It’s Another Kind of Green Day” posted on 18 March 2009:

Archive of “Oh That Was So Real (Updated)” posted 23 July 2010 while I was in NYC:

Archive of “Covered in Snow” 25 February 2010 that was taken for the video of "Back to December":

Archive of my Tumblr with the Header “It Seems So Real” from 6 May 2010 from when I had just started posting at the end of April:

This archive included the first comment I wrote to John on his post "Twitter Isn't Over. I'm Over It." It also includes a quote I changed from Janis Joplin to "Freedom's just another word for nothing left to kill" crediting her by writing "Just another take on Janis" [I was referring to enlightenment and killing off the ego as in the Bhagavad Gita]. Taylor then used in her lyrics for "Back to December": "It turns out freedom ain't nothin' but missin' you."

Archive of that first comment I wrote to John: My comment is the 90th one down "itseemssoreal"

Archive of the comment:

My very RED movie website and poster from 2007 archived on 9 January 2011 that became Taylor's artwork for Red: 

My header on my Tumblr at that time of my writing in 2010 said "It Seems So Real" and the blog post was made on John's site entitled "Oh That Was So Real . . . (Updated)".

Because they were referencing me, then Taylor took the other blog posts to try to make it about her, "Covered in Snow" for the video for "Back to December" and from the blog post "It's Another Kind of Green Day." At that time I also wrote on-line about the female (queen figure) in the chess game from a literature book entitled Psyche as Hero by Lee Edwards about changing the rules for the female in culture, and on my blog posted a photo of my mom’s tiny Yorkie on a chessboard and entitled it "On the Battlefield."

This plagiarism was her pattern of inserting herself into the relationship. It became her lyric “And I lived in your chess game, But you changed the rules every day.”

“I'm shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town” is a reference to me telling John my name upside down is the numbers 407145, when taken as a date in the European format 4.07 can be July 4th. Then Taylor took to throwing fourth of July parties trying to identify herself with the holiday.

She released Red on 22 October 2012 for John’s birthday 16 October and Katy Perry’s birthday 25 October, which is also why she made it to identify herself with the romantic fall season to make the story about herself.

“But I took your matches before fire could catch me” is a reference to taking the material, and to the early poem post I made called “Refiner’s Fire” from Jed McKenna archived above on It Seems So Real.

Other things evident from the archived blog are the “enchanted” taken for Speak Now. Her cover artwork comes from the screenplay I was writing at the time about a girl born with wings, the character registered with the WGA January 2009.






Taylor Swift Isn't a writer (it is years of plagiarism from the very beginning), a visionary (the ideas are intentionally taken from others like John Mayer), a storyteller (the stories are not her own and did not happen to her), a lover (she didn't date Harry Styles or Jake Gyllenhaal, they were redirecting her volatile personality that the press was repeating as truth-based instead of seeing the rumors she started to damage other people and give herself the publicity), or a friend (the constant instant photo-ops for publicity to control stories in the press which can be proven to be highly deliberate and timed). 

Harry Styles never dated Taylor Swift. He was playfully, as Harry is, playing along--not with Taylor to appease Taylor--but with what those in music, Katy Perry, for instance, knew by then was Taylor forcefully acting out a script verbatim that she was getting from my writing and actions and she doing so with intent and malice. One side, Harry's, was playful, protective. Taylor was set on hate and harm. Just like Taylor had replicated my writing about Bob Dylan and New York City with Jake Gyllenhaal in November 2010 recreating the cover of The Freewheelin' Bob Dylan and the streets I had just been on in NYC three months earlier, Taylor was also playing out a script in getting Harry to be specifically photographed with her replicating my and John's pictures. Why did Harry go along with it? The answer is bigger than one could ever imagine.

Taylor Swift replicating my trip to NYC in the Summer of 2010

In that moment when she was purposefully being photographed with Harry Styles, I had just in the months before been writing about One Direction; she was replicating everything I was putting out as a taunting and warning. The night I first tweeted about One Direction before the VMAS, she dressed up in what I had worn to Las Vegas to see John Mayer. She was releasing Red with as much hate as possible, and all of it, including being photographed with Harry was part of the facade and harassment. Harry was actually redirecting some of the hate.

Taylor Swift Isn't a Writer, a Visionary, a Storyteller, a Lover, or a Friend

Taylor staging photos to replicate John Mayer and me.

Some writers have merely suggested, as if it is subconscious but they can’t quite put the words and reason to it (or they don’t want uninformed backlash), that there is something disingenuous about Taylor Swift. Here’s why:

On 22 April 2010 John Mayer spoke at an ASCAP Expo and asked people to write to him on Tumblr. Because Taylor was heavily tracking him online, she saw my comments to him, which were not intended to be romantic in nature. I was writing about writing and creation and she immediately began taking my writing and ideas and the fact of writing “letters to John” as her own. I held off speaking out because John is more in the public eye, Taylor was also doing it to him, and I could have possibly made it more tumultuous. Over the years, through this intense struggle, I have stayed true to my own writing, writing diligently, but now I have to show what has she has done and what she actually is.

 Taylor Swift taunting at the VMAs before the release of the plagiarized Red.

Taylor Swift taunting at the VMAs before the release of the plagiarized Red


Taylor Swift replicating John Mayer's Photographs for Red in both 2012 and 2021

Taylor Swift replicating John Mayer's photographs for Red in both 2012 and 2021

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