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Dedication of Coyote Weaves a Song to the Grateful Dead

DEDICATION For Laërtes—Bob Weir, having taken sweet and long care on what looks like the “outskirts,” but is the very underlying, alive pulse; born at the bay, drawn to ranch life so very young, and through all the currents still gently moving that golden River to the ocean, even through his own Being, the Weir where the Flow will breech its ancient barrier after millenniums and the Song and eternal be heard again and flow to envelop us all And for the alive Poetry of the Grateful Dead: Mickey Hart, Bill Kreutzmann and Phil Lesh for that eternal structure and Rhythm, the healing vibrations, always breaking through, and the real and abiding kindness, generosity and wisdom that have moved the...

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The Siren's Song: An Excerpt from Coyote Weaves a Song: Volume I

From CHAPTER FOURHomer as Trickster That the Odyssey was written by a brilliant Coyote trickster is evident in the research that continually unveils the hidden truths so carefully and flawlessly placed within its elegant composition. The Odyssey, too, is itself a transformation of worlds from that of the wrathful, angry and war-filled lines of the Iliad, shown in detail by such scholars as Pietro Pucci, to a different kind of world at the end of the Odyssey. Pucci points out that the Iliad is about Achilles' wrath, "a fatal event in his warrior destiny," while the Odyssey is about Odysseus' life, "a bios"—a very big difference in goal (25). The Odyssey, likewise, upon closer examination, guides its outside audience (the...

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Writing to John Mayer in 2010: An Excerpt from On Being

    Dedication to On Being: For John MayerFor the wonder in the eternal moment with youthat you show me,And for, impossibly, changing the world.  From Chapter II:  The Cabin in the Woods Inside the glass box is an untouchable form. It is perpetual and beatified and Incorrupt, like as reserved for religion's pure saints--even as the Catholic church literally puts them in glass boxes--even as they wait on the Prince of Peace, this internal state awaiting all but unrecognized by, unawakened in culture. The Church is even said to be this bride-in-waiting to be recognized, itself a closed story without the recognition of Being and their impenetrable ego pent-inside-itself-adherence that IT CANNOT BE FEMININE, or form. Bringing Being through...

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