THE HERMES IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is happening in reality. The tricksters are in full view. It started with a lie about John Mayer.


Coyote Pulls the Sun

Originally privately published 20 May 2015 As author Lewis Hyde writes in his book Trickster Makes This World, Coyote belongs to ritual and to storytelling and that is where to find where he or she flips the worlds, creating them anew.  The characteristics of the trickster archetype of Coyote show him or her to be the intrepid, often concealed or disguised character(s) creating new boundaries through both ritual and art.  It is these exact things:  trickster, ritual, art, and storytelling that must be examined to see the immense (unlimited) treasure trove of potentiality for current American culture (with its footings and forerunners necessarily in other cultures) that can open an endless supply of imagination and creation into the flow of what had become accepted as...

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Written in the Stars

The Yes of All Being Seen Through Richard Whelan's The Sun the Moon and the Stars: Art, Literature, Science & Mythology Originally privately published 4 December 2014 Since time for humans began one of the deepest needs that has remained the same is the need for the sun to come out again. At night things are unpredictable, at play, are being formed and restored, are changed, but the sun in complete assured eloquence comes boldly up from the horizon and brings all-encompassing light, power, strength and justice. To night belongs the healing and transformations, the longings of the soul, but the day delivers the sword and the promise. Rules are broken at night, unknown paths are taken; in the day the invincible spirit of being alive claims victory. When the sun...

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Letter From the Inside

Originally published 27 February 2015 First, the inside. Here is what it is like on the inside: Since I was born I have been aware and certain of an abiding, stronger-than-life, palpable wonder of which, as a child, I realized was a different experience than those around me.  I knew that I was connected to it, a part of it, an incarnate of this something wonderful, an expression of it, happy and alive. I was  told stories about how serendipitously different my existence was. I knew this wonder to being as a priceless layer of existence that is a golden dimension to everything and designed to be delighted in and to sensuously permeate every atom and is better than one human could imagine by him...

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