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Writing from the Rite: Ranch Road 1049

The river picture on the cover of On Being, was taken on 18 October 2007 on my parent's 44th wedding anniversary, '44 being the year my dad was born, and two days after John's 30th birthday (and together those years together (44 and 30) being the age my dad would pass at 74, and John's age being 30 and 2 days with 32 being the age John would be when I saw him for the first time) and when John was preparing to film Where the Light Is in less than two months that December. (The photo shoot that I created also included a vintage silk red dress and a Gibson guitar very similar to what he would use).  I published the photograph on this...

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Writing from the Rite: Billy the Kid

On my birthday in July 2019, Billy the Kid Mural with Billy holding two balloons, Ruidoso, NM Taking the veil off the falsity: Taylor Swift trying to taunt that she thinks she is keeping John and I apart on her birthday in December by making Lover (which she states three people are involved in "Lover"--and not a couple as she implies to the public), and because I published Birthday Party with the references to Odysseus, Penelope, and Ithaca (Holdings LLC), and to the Grateful Dead Dancing Bears in July.  Her other birthday cakes were references to my Moonbeam, and to the Grateful Dead, John, and Dead & Company with the head wreath of roses.  She named one of her cats after Andy Cohen's son, Benjamin,...

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Writing from the Rite: Santa Fe

Seventy-six miles up from the Isleta Pueblo is Santa Fe, New Mexico (70 miles from Isleta Amphitheater to the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis), the center of Cather's novel, and the place I visited in February 2008 when all of this was coming into alignment.  Death Comes for the Archbishop, first published 1927, is based on the lives and journals of the establishing bishop and priest in the vast Southwestern territory (all the way to the coast of California and up into Colorado at the beginning of the gold rush), the archbishop, J. B. Lamy, who built the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi in Santa Fe, New Mexico from 1869 to 1886, dedicated 1887.  According to BSW founding...

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Writing From the Rite: Honoring My Dad

 Color Square Quilt with Pygmalion, La Madeleine and my dad making me wings  Many years ago my dad built a solid wooden rocking horse for my mom named Pygmalion. Throughout my life he showed his purest love by what he created--even in the movie we made together for two years, 2005-2007, where he would often, between days of filming or on those evenings go to work in his workshop creating some new equipment for us to use for filming. When I was at the ranch in Texas near Christmas 2018, sitting at the dining room table he had built, we talked about whether this horse/creation, Pygmalion, should stay at the ranch or go with me.  I was writing about the...

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