THE HERMES IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is happening in reality. The tricksters are in full view. It started with a lie about John Mayer.


Why the Worlds Break Open on the Feminine and Determining Details of the Sacred Trickster

I write about these topics throughout the books and journal articles on BSW, and this is a small overview. In putting together all the pieces of a lifetime of what would make the cultural difference and coming to write Coyote Weaves a Song, I discovered that the Coyote trickster’s (as well as the Native American’s White Painted Spirit Dancer’s) breaking open of the worlds--both human culture and the divine realm--opens the cultural flood directly on the feminine.  I pieced this together from reading many authors, many years of Joseph Campbell who was a dear friend of the Grateful Dead, and what I knew of the feminine in culture, and then by studying the characteristics of the trickster.  It began to landslide when...

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The Rebirth and Re-Creation of the Moon

  For awhile, and beautifully so, the Moon has “no face,” and “As above, so below.” But she does not cease to exist, nor does the Sun, but comes around again in fullest beauty. She dies to the body and is reborn, bringing consciousness with her. (Inside the caves, too, her body, her womb of her Earth and her energy, the artwork awaits for illumination, left to speak from those who know: the Super-shamans, the Venuses, the Artists. It is a Song with which Homer, the ancient Egyptians, and those in the female-influenced civilizations on ancient Crete were familiar, and back it goes to the Paleolithic hearths, even further, as life entered life through Her, her eternal Spirit and Body,...

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Decoding Art and Literature

My Lifelong Literary and Artistic Code Breaking and Putting the Pieces Together of a Feminine and Cultural Puzzle As a child I was deeply searching out the question, “For a female ruler/leader like Queen Elizabeth I, what would need to be known?” In Coyote Weaves a Song: A Mythological Song from the Beginning of Time, I trace the feminine back through a line of literature and art in Western civilization to find that the female human goddess was always coming through to realization, through the eternal voice, symbols and mythology, and given time, through awareness and breaking through human learned mental restrictions, and this present in works such as Leonardo da Vinci’s Virgin of the Rocks and the Mona Lisa, Wolfram von...

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