With Autumn Variations and New G-Shock Collaboration, Ed Sheeran Quietly Takes a Stand for His Friend John Mayer, While John Helps Ed Trademark His Name

John Mayer's Continuum, released in the Autumn on September 12, 2006 had been a huge seller at Starbucks. According to Jezebel, "At the company’s 2006 Biennial Analyst Conference, it was announced that over eight percent of sales of John Mayer’s then-new Continuum album had been purchased at Starbucks." @Jezebel


In an October 2011 The New Yorker article published a year after Taylor publicly and falsely slammed John Mayer for his Autumn birthday in October 2010, and having done so with my on-line words in her plagiarized "Dear John," Taylor was purposefully still demonstrating her power of covertly targeting him while copying his career and the ability to feed a false front and frame the story about selling her album at the Starbucks in Times Square in a "whispering" girlish-wishing scenario. That Starbucks also happens to be one of the places where I had been communicating (at that point publicly) on-line with John in the summer of 2010. She was, calculatingly, on the way to the Met Gala at the beginning of the article where she had first met John and reported it to the very-ready press.


An excerpt from the article reads: “As the car turned onto Fifth Avenue, Swift recalled making a midnight trip, last fall, to buy her most recent album, the triple-platinum “Speak Now,” at a Starbucks in Times Square. She said, in a solemn whisper, “I was so stoked about it, because it’s been one of my goals—I always go into Starbucks, and I wished that they would sell my album.” I found it hard to believe that she could feel enthusiastic about a sales opportunity at Starbucks, but Swift was insistent. “You go to Starbucks and there’s only, like, two CDs for sale,” she said. “And I felt like that would be a really big deal if they wanted to sell one of my CDs. The limestone hulk of the Metropolitan Museum came into view."


This abuse was entitled “You Belong with Me.”



Full story: “Come Try It On”: My Relationship with John Mayer—Paradise Valley”

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