THE HERMES IN BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY’S is happening in reality. The tricksters are in full view. It started with a lie about John Mayer.

Hermesesque: The Grateful Universe photo paper poster

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In the spirit of the god Hermes, the ancient long, strange trip traveler always "on the road," rolling the stones to mark his movement and transforming culture as he goes, the Grateful Dead have also been the likewise psychopomps between this world and the next and naturally breaking it open, as one can see, and also the forbidden, off-limits cultural sacred in the most real way possible, through music, just as Homer did and is still doing, given this traceable exact cosmic lineage.

This artwork is not only a homage to Dead and Company that was originally published in the midst of a behind-the-scenes unseen crisis on 26 August 2019 (and one of the reasons for the formation of Dead and Company), but also to take the beauty much further, a show of the move of the ancient song and cosmic to its destined, shocking realization--that "shocking awakener" that is coming together as we speak.

As with anything of extreme beauty, there is always a dark catalyst, the dark moving and swirling the light into action to its destined fruition and its long-coming cultural transformation. In behind-the-scenes it has been known what Dead and Company was up to--from Shawn Mendes and Ed Sheeran to Beyonce and Katy Perry, from the young, to the "old"--the wisdom of both brought to the music. Acceptance of the darkness that must move us, from the dark depths of our own souls to the roots of existence, and knowing how to transform it to light through music is much more daring act than easy-to-rage war for temporary, ill-won, impermanent "gain" of fame and false voice that only leads to death and despair as the end. The voice matters.

While the artwork is a continuing “tapestry” of cosmic and cultural events which happened with John Mayer and the formation of Dead and Company, the light is driven by the darkness which was a personal maelstrom for John caused by a cultural acceptance of a vacuum of misplaced values of what we know to be real and true and that can and has been experienced through the music and presence of the Grateful Dead, always re-breaking through. The details, then, of the artwork are also a display of a breakdown of these radically misplaced values that was a part of the forming of Dead and Company. With a raging popular faction full of judgment and hate without any evidence, and the press acting also acting for cash for click and fast renown, traded in Taylor Swift's giving herself the role of John Mayer's "girlfriend," using John and his name to market that made-up reality triggered by her own jealousy and inner hate, and then she continually lifting John's work and words as her own to form that false relationship in the public eye. Her words are lies.

And so this is the arrival of the Homeric epics through the living lineage of Hermes to the coast of California, 2019 and those cosmic happenings. It is an artistic documentation of the interweaving "tapestry" or scroll of detailed experience of Shiloh's writing on-line to John Mayer depicted in Until Shiloh Comes Cosmic Flow Tapestry (2018) and the books Coyote Weaves a Song: A Mythological Song from the Beginning of Time that were written to the members of Dead and Company, even before their formation.

*The text on the tapestry is tiny because it contains hundreds of wonderful cosmic connections in a small space. Some text may look microscopic.

Product description:

This poster has a partly glossy, partly matte finish and it'll add a touch of sophistication to any room.

• 10 mil (0.25 mm) thick
• Slightly glossy
• Fingerprint resistant
• Paper sourced from Japan