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She is Many: Complete, Assured and At Home in a Numinous Universe

From the Undivided Spiritual Realm to the Physical Symbol: Recognizing Depth and Resonance Through Robert S. McPherson's Dinéjí Na `Nitin: Navajo Traditional Teachings and History   For the Navajo, the world and all being are first conceived and created in the spiritual realm. According to author Robert S. McPherson who has studied the Diné for over thirty years, listening to their lives and stories, the gods first “formed the earth spiritually . . . before it was made physically” (4). The physical realm conceived by these “holy people” is then an expression of that original, constant and real metaphysical expanse that continually operates as the universe. To them, these holy people are present with only a slight separation. What is known physically is a literal...

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The Map of Her World

The Glorious Happenstance of Destiny in All Place and Time The Art of Mapping Real Life in Rebecca Solnit’s Infinite City:  A San Francisco Atlas and Rebecca Solnit and Rebecca Snedeker’s Unfathomable City:  A New Orleans Atlas     Originally published 16 October 2014 In the great flux and flow of life, the western mind since the time of Aristotle has divided each and every thing into categories and given permanent labels from a language which itself is divided. From its “religion of exile” that began in a moment of great split, the Fall from the Garden,¹ intention became separate from knowing, good became an opposite of evil, light separate from dark instead of a natural cycle of it, judgments of right...

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