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Road to Hell: Gangster Tour of Texas

Gangster Tour of Texas by T. Lindsay Baker, 2011, Texas A&M University Press, 318 pages, index, B&W photographs, paperback, $21.00 Review by Rosemary Briseño, PhD Why are outlaws a provocative bunch, their criminal endeavors enticing? What is it about lawbreakers that popular culture has embraced, whose cold-blooded exploits of criminal, vicious behavior against innocence and humanity are illuminated, even celebrated, in various mediums such as television, film, and music? Perhaps it is the criminal’s cruel gift to silence decency and conscientiousness that allows the animal inherent within all of us to roar, to intimidate, to frighten . . . a feat many of us would love to exercise, but few are actually willing to practice, since normal people worry that their peers might...

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