An Excerpt from My Discoveries at La grotte Chauvet-Pont d'Arc, Ardèche from Coyote Volume II

from CHAPTER SEVEN Penelope's Geese and the World Transformative Super-Shaman Flight Path from the Paleolithic to the Present Chauvet-Pont-d'Arc Cave There are profound similarities at the hearts of other caves which bring a richness to these visions. Taking the shaman transformative flight as central and leading to the realization as it is in the epics, caves such as the oldest at Chauvet with the "Venus and the Sorcerer," and at the "Sanctuary" at Trois Frère with the "Sorcerer" and the oldest known sculptures, the two bison from the Salle des Bison in Tuc d'Audoubert, along with the birds carved on bison bone found in the in-between of Trois Frère and the junction into the Grotte d'Enlène, to the Venus of Laussel...

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Illumination Is

    Illumination is being recognized (even by yourself) as the Being that you are and feeling how wonderfully this lights you up from the inside. Illumination is coming from being behind people who seek to darken you so that they have your light and energy instead of you. Illumination is radiating your true Being and energy from your center, the navel of the universe, at your solar plexus, and from there being rooted down in Being in the Body, living in, owning, and feeling your body, Being a part of your true tribe, and in your rootedness knowing in those lower enegeries a deep sense of eternal safety, security, peace, and abundance, and all of this alive in the...

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The Siren's Voice Inside the Head

The Siren’s Voice is the Voice in One’s Head It is a learned voice from social conditioning and it masquerades as a voice one believes to be one’s own. That is why it is so harmful, because one is not being guided by the certain knowing of one’s Being. All the guilt, shame, and abuse, for example, is a learned way of operating in the world. It brings endless cycles of suffering and pain constantly repeating without capability of ending, millennia after millennia. In cycles, it never can work out. It masquerades as reality as it talks to itself as if it is all there is and that it is all real and fearfully important. As the Sirens repeat what...

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