The Siren's Voice Inside the Head

Shiloh Richter Dress River 2007 Photo by Carlton Wade

The Siren’s Voice is the Voice in One’s Head

It is a learned voice from social conditioning and it masquerades as a voice one believes to be one’s own. That is why it is so harmful, because one is not being guided by the certain knowing of one’s Being. All the guilt, shame, and abuse, for example, is a learned way of operating in the world. It brings endless cycles of suffering and pain constantly repeating without capability of ending, millennia after millennia. In cycles, it never can work out. It masquerades as reality as it talks to itself as if it is all there is and that it is all real and fearfully important. As the Sirens repeat what they have heard in Homer’s epics, thus tipping the listener off that they are untrue (and that they have no internal voice and do not even know the present moment--as Penelope reveals about Helen--and have no ability to “hear” as the oracles do), so too, does society train one to repeat that conditioning in one’s own head, like one’s own condemnation, and to take it as reality, and as if one should immediately respond, which would be to one’s own detriment. As Eckhart Tolle has shown, the ego has to react immediately, to forcefully hit back. It knows no other way.  It is no wonder we are a planet of destruction and conflict.  Even the flow of abundance of the universe is substituted for the conflict of harming the environment to temporarily "gain."

The ship is Odysseus’s soul and to make it through to home where the core of the universe and the embodiment of Being in the feminine awaits, he must be able to distinguish between the Siren’s Song and his own deep, internal voice, and to follow his own knowing with the unmistakable certainty with which it comes, no matter what is said and repeated over and over, like the trapped cycles of Dante’s Inferno.

When Odysseus washes ashore at Scheria without a ship, he has reentered his body, a sign that he is returning home as human, the inner already transformed and fully embodied. John Mayer did this in knowing that he was going to have to follow his love and mastery of the guitar through the roughest times, a talent and dedication for which he had given many concentrated years of his life, along with the flow of music that spoke to his soul, no matter what tried to kill him or repeat untrue things in the media. It was the way to get through the crushing hard times, even when the Siren Song around him repeated “death and pain,” that it can’t be done, and tried to punish and kill his spirit, and in that learned, false, empty voice, also tried to call it and make it appear as “love,” but only wanting to repeat cycles of its own narcissism and pain.

In Being, no one has the power to get inside your head unless one purposefully lets them, and then it is only done when it is a knowing that they speak wisdom. The eternal voice is the one that has the true power of life and creation.  The female, through loss of of her inner voice of Being, became disembodied.  I discovered this in myself when I realized I could not feel the energy and knowing that is inherent in the lower energy centers of the solar plexus, sacral, and root, the pelvic floor, the place of Being that matches the descriptions to be found in the astounding literature and art, and that are so well-recognized in ancient cultures.  I realized "I" had moved up into my head, pressing it so hard, and my overworked, overwrought heart, trying to figure things out, desperate to make it all right, and all along my Being was displaced, not at home within the body, my embodiment of the universe, and my body was obviously suffering.  This is a furthering of understanding what has happened to the female, not even realizing we were psychologically convinced to move out of our own bodies and the uterus, the stability of Being, the world navel, and it shockingly was "up for grabs" for our empty, uninspired, unaware "leaders," the patriarchal misogynists, and not the Poets, who knew, who know, and who can see.  This is about putting eternal Being back into the body and recognizing what we are and what Is.

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