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Illumination Is


 Shiloh Richter River Cabin Stairs Photo by Carlton Wade

Illumination is being recognized (even by yourself) as the Being that you are and feeling how wonderfully this lights you up from the inside. Illumination is coming from being behind people who seek to darken you so that they have your light and energy instead of you. Illumination is radiating your true Being and energy from your center, the navel of the universe, at your solar plexus, and from there being rooted down in Being in the Body, living in, owning, and feeling your body, Being a part of your true tribe, and in your rootedness knowing in those lower enegeries a deep sense of eternal safety, security, peace, and abundance, and all of this alive in the powerful energy of Nature coming into you to heal you and make you whole.  It is the goddess in the body.  It is eternity in the body. 

Illumination is moving into awareness and purposefully taking out all the past pain. It is bringing light into the world to heal others’ pain so that they, too, can feel adored. Illumination is Being a layer cake, and the wine, and eating it, too, in every moment of your life. Illumination is sleeping in a teepee with the love of your light/life underneath the moonlight, even in your living room or on your own back porch (in Montana with a real bear, preferably), the record player going, and with the dogs and kids, and a neighbor or two.

Illumination is seeing the Sun and knowing you have waited for him your entire life and feeling wrapped in and lit by his warmth and love, all of life renewed.

Love and the Hero/Heroine find the way.  That's What Is.

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