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John Mayer & Taylor Swift: Things That Appear to Be True that are False, Things That Appear False that are True

The way that Taylor Swift could make it appear true that she had had a relationship with John Mayer with never having been seen on a date, holding hands, kissing, in the back of a car together as with Jessica Simpson or Jennifer Aniston, or any of the photographs one might expect before it was considered true, and even while John was saying and showing something completely different, was that it was embedded in things that were true, and the false stuck in-between, just as Teodolinda Barolini describes of what is happening between Virgil, Dante, and the Demons in Inferno, Canto 21 in the Eighth Circle of Hell. 

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Those in Taylor Swift's Hell, Stuck in a Repeated False Past, Can't See the Present Moment

Mayer fans have cried and walked beside John through Born & Raised when he had taken the space and time to deliver a soul-searching masterpiece (and still wanting to know what happened to Walt Grace on his Submarine Ride); they found the hope of love, freedom and promising new horizons in Paradise Valley with him (even visited Pine Creek Lodge in 2021 to help with a flooding), took up The Search for Everything, even when it meant alone with only the Poet to guide on an open unknown road, and found the wildest blue in Sob Rock, arriving at an inner realization of the pain and not-knowing making it all not only worthwhile, but supremely freeing and beautiful. Healing and sublime. In other words, they’ve lived their...

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Taylor Swift Forced a False Relationship with John Mayer to the Press in 2010: The Beginning Circles of Hell

Taylor Swift forced a false relationship with John Mayer to the press in 2010 and in the process showed how she was copying John's relationship with Jennifer Aniston, his social media, and his writing while also plagiarizing and taking on the personas of Faith Hill, Joni Mitchell, and author and illustrator Ian Falconer's "Olivia" in order to make herself into John Mayer's "Something Like Olivia" from his Born & Raised album in 2012.

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